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Multi-country Situation Analysis of Inpatient Care of Newborns and Young Infants

The Every Preemie – SCALE project (Every Preemie) is in the process of finalizing a protocol and tools for a multi-country situation analysis of inpatient care of newborns and young infants in select countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. This multi-country situation analysis will assess service readiness and quality of care by examining health system [...]

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Every Preemie—SCALE Launches Do No Harm Technical Briefs to Improve the Safe and Effective Use of Key Inpatient Newborn Care Interventions

Complications due to preterm birth are the leading cause of child death globally. While 90 percent of extremely small newborns survive in high-resource settings, only ten percent survive in low-resource settings. The complexity of care, use of technology, limitations of staff and inadequate infrastructure, compounded by the underlying vulnerability of sick and preterm newborns, can [...]

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PCI Secures Private Donation to Benefit Fragile Newborns, Mothers in Malawi

Nine health facilities in the Balaka District of Malawi recently received supplies that will transform the quality of care for more than 2,000 preterm and low birth weight (LBW) babies and their mothers. The shipment—which included special feeding cups, wraps for skin-to-skin contact, hospital gowns, bed linens, and baby hats and socks—was made possible through [...]

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Happy Father’s Day from Every Preemie

Today, as we celebrate Father’s Day, we would like to acknowledge the contributions made by fathers in caring for their early/small newborns. Every year, 15 million babies are born prematurely (before 37 weeks of gestation) and complications of premature birth is the leading cause of death for children under 5 globally. This is a staggering [...]

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Every Preemie Partners with Ethiopian Ministry of Health and St. Paul’s Hospital to Improve Programming for Early and Small Babies

Every year in Ethiopia, more than 300,000 babies are born too soon—less than 37 weeks of gestation[1]. These babies are at increased risk of death, long-term disabilities and ill health later in life. Yet, there are a range of interventions that target women before they are even pregnant and during pregnancy that can prevent preterm [...]

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Every Preemie Partners with Local Research Institution in India to Study Guidelines for Antenatal Corticosteroids Use

Complications from preterm birth is the number one cause of death for children under age five around the world – a staggering statistic with one in ten babies born too soon.  India has more preterm births than any other country in the world – over 3.3 million per year – and over 300,000 deaths due [...]

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