In Bangladesh, Every Preemie—SCALE worked with the Projahnmo Research Group on implementation research titled Development and Validation of Methods for Maternal Abdominal Girth and Symphysis Fundal Height Measurement to Improve Prediction of Gestational Age before Birth.

Determining gestational age (the number of weeks into pregnancy) is difficult in low-income countries due to the inaccuracy of recalling the date of last menstrual period and lack of access to ultrasonography. Because of the critical need for an affordable, appropriate, and accurate method for determination of gestational age, the study aimed to create and test the validity of simple measures (i.e. measuring tape and weight scale) and statistical models to assess gestational age before birth.  The study developed standardized methods to measure symphysis fundal height and abdominal girth in pregnancy, as well as developed and tested procedures to improve the reliability of these measurements among different levels of workers. The study also assessed the feasibility of different methods of implementing the measures and model in the clinical setting where ultrasound dating is not commonly available.

The study was conducted by the Projahnmo research group in Sylhet, Bangladesh in collaboration with Every Preemie—SCALE.  Projahnmo was established in 2001 by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health /International Center for Maternal and Neonatal Health and is a collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, ICDDR,B, Shimantik, Child Health Research Foundation, and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of Bangladesh. Every Preemie—SCALE contributed financial resources and technical support.

A manuscript highlighting findings from this research is underway. Once published, a link to the article will be added to this page.