Every Preemie supported implementation learning and research in four countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, and Malawi.  The Implementation Research projects included:

Bangladesh: test a simple method of gestational age estimation during pregnancy using a tape measure and weight scale;

Ethiopia: evaluate the strength of implementation of a multi-partner maternal and newborn health service delivery model from the community to the district hospital level in three districts (settled, semi-settled and urban);

India: assess the safe and effective use of antenatal corticosteroids (ACS) among women in imminent preterm labor, including pre-referral first dose of ACS by auxiliary nurse midwives (ANMs); and

Malawi: assess the implementation of the Family-Led Care model in Balaka district, designed to improve quality of facility-based care for early/small babies, empower families to care for their early/small babies at the facility and household level, and strengthen pathways between communities and facilities for follow-up care of early/small babies.

Support to these countries included: a) extensive stakeholder engagement; and b) grants to local or international organizations to support and build Implementation Research capacity, including monitoring and evaluation of process and outcomes. Evidence-based learning from each of these four countries will be used to catalyze national and global dialogue and to expand the uptake of successful approaches for improved PTB/LBW outcomes at the country level and beyond. Please see each country page for additional details on the implementation research in that country.