In Malawi, Every Preemie worked in close collaboration with the Balaka District Health Office and other stakeholders to develop the Family-Led Care model, an innovative approach to providing care for the preterm and LBW baby. The Family-Led Care model is designed to improve the quality of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) provided to inpatient preterm and LBW newborns; strengthen post-discharge follow-up care; and extend care of the preterm/LBW newborn to the community and household levels (see graphic below).

To inform programmatic inputs, Every Preemie implemented a qualitative formative assessment in July 2016 focused on community, family member, and health care provider knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions around preterm and LBW newborns and related care practices in Balaka district, Malawi. This report is available to download here: Malawi Formative Assessment.

The Family-Led Care model was  implemented in Balaka District, Malawi, and Every Preemie worked with local research partners to assess the effectiveness of the model through implementation research using three approaches:

Caregiver/Client Study: Working with MaiKhanda Trust, measure parent/family caregiver knowledge, attitudes and care practices for early/small newborns

Health Care Provider Study: Working with the University of Malawi, College of Medicine, measure health care providers’ abilities, competencies, attitudes, perceptions and practices as related to their experience implementing the Family-Led Care model

Data Collection from MOH Facility Records: measure key indicators over time

For More Information: The video and booklet below, Family-Led Care for the Small Newborn: Sharing the Malawi Experience, provide additional details on the implementation and research findings from the model in Balaka District, Malawi.

Download Booklet

Two manuscripts on this research are currently underway – one focused on the caregiver/client study, and the second on the health care provider study. Once published, links to the articles will be added to this page.

Using lessons learned from the Malawi experience, Every Preemie developed a package for global use and adaptation – more information on the global package is available on the Family-Led Care Model tab.