Project Description

As the professional organization of certified nurse-midwives and midwives in the U.S., ACNM has more than three decades of experience strengthening the capacity of midwives and other health care professionals globally.

ACNM staff and consultants have trained nurse-midwives, midwives, physicians and other health care providers in evidence based maternal and newborn care which emphasizes respectful, quality-of-care interventions; assisted in policy development; developed pre-service and in-service training programs; developed standards and protocols; conducted research on maternal mortality; established partnerships with midwifery associations in developing countries; and helped institutionalize improved maternal and child health practices, including family planning and HIV/STI prevention. ACNM´s work has four key domains: development and implementation of in-service training systems; integrated pre-service strengthening; strengthening of midwifery and other health professions; and community education and mobilization.

ACNM has been recognized for its creation of evidence based education packages including Home Based Life Saving Skills (HBLSS). These packages have been adapted for and implemented in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eurasia. ACNM has the ability to provide support for the full range of clinical RMNCH topics and has experience working with key health stakeholders including local NGOs, government agencies, donors and professional organizations.